Learn the wine etiquette you need to succeed

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Have you ever entertained clients at a fancy restaurant and been overcome with WINEtimidation™?

Or have you ever been asked to bring a bottle of wine to a party? You go to the store and look at the sea of wine. Your blood pressure suddenly increases and you are overwhelmed not only by the selections, but with a fear of picking a “bad” bottle.

If this is you, do not fear. Jennifer Chou is here to help you Conquer your WINEtimidation™. Learn the wine etiquette you need to succeed in business and social settings.

Learn Philosophy

Jennifer has a knack of taking the complex world of wine and making it simple to understand.  It is grape juice, after all!  She believes learning about wine should be FUN, and the best way to learn is through EXPERIENCE.  Angel Share specializes in creating unique events to learn about wine in a fun atmosphere.

Check out Angel Share’s Calendar of Events to the right or Contact Jennifer. Below are the most popular workshops, or CUSTOMIZE  your own wine event or TRAVEL with Jennifer around the world.


Wine Etiquette Primer (1 hours)
This course focuses on “the big client dinner.” You will learn how to read and order from a wine list, the proper way taste the wine ordered and walk out with a list of no-fail wines to make you shine at your next business event. Can be hosted at a local restaurant or business.

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Food & Wine Pairing RULES! (2 hours)
You will soon be thinking how effortless it is to pair food and wine after experiencing how multiple wines pair well with one dish. Forget the old rule of white wine with white meat, red wine with red meat; and discover your own food and wine pairing rules.

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The Art of Blending (3 hours)
Have you noticed how popular white and red blends have become? In this workshop you will taste five grape varietals, have an opportunity to create your own blend, and finally taste finished blends to see how yours stacks up! Option of a local winery  visit for the FULL experience recommended.

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Corporate Wine Events

Jennifer will work with you, your business or organization to customize a private wine event. This can range from executive entertaining, to hosting personal friends, to creating an employee or client appreciation celebration.

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Guided Wine Tours

Our first wine tour to Argentina in Spring 2012 will be announced soon. Sign up to be in the know! Or Contact Jennifer to create your own dream wine trip.

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