About The Savvy Grape


Do you have WINEtimidation™? The Savvy Grape is passionate about raising your knowledge and confidence about the wonderful world of wine.

defining winetimidation
Our mission? To assist business professionals, both men and women, in becoming confident and comfortable around wine in order to further their career and personal enjoyment. Our goal is to help you Crush your WINEtimidation™.

Crush your WINEtimidation

Crush your WINEtimidation





Through Wine Workshops and speaking engagements, The Savvy Grape is out to spread the knowledge, love and appreciation of wine throughout the world. Our unique approach and easy-to-learn methods offer relief and courage to those who face the fear of ordering, tasting and talking about wine.

The Savvy Grape is passionate about helping you become comfortable and confident about wine. We make learning a fun experience and have put together a list of our favorite wine accessories to make enjoying wine easy! Hire us (Link to Hire Us) to host a Wine Tasting at your home or business. You will learn the art of tasting wine, popular grape varieties and wine gadgets, wine etiquette and all of the wine knowledge you can handle!

Whether you choose to host a Wine Tasting in your home, office or other venue we will provide an unforgettable experience. The Savvy Grape wine educators have a knack for taking the complex world of wine and making it simple to understand. It is grape juice, after all! We believe learning about wine should be FUN, and the best way to learn is through EXPERIENCE!

The Savvy Grape specializes in unique tastings to learn about wine and wine accessories in a fun atmosphere. Whether you want to try the best local wines or wines from around the world, we’ve got a tasting for you. Want to put together your own? Just let us know – we love creating custom tastings. So peruse our packages (link to packages) and contact us (link to contact sheet for tasting inquiries) today to book your experience!


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